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Color, texture, scale, and sustainability are all aspects of well designed Green Walls. Parker 3D Green specializes in artistically designed and structurally sound Green Walls that enhance vistas, add functional space to work or relax in, increase the value of a building for the owner and tenant, and provide an environmentally efficient project. Our experts have successfully installed and maintained scores of walls in all forms of commercial properties.



Parker 3D Green is one of the Parker Companies. Started in 1948, right after WWII by Len & Bea Parker, The Parker Companies have done work around the world from NY to Dubai and most places between. Parker has been twice honored at the White House. The Parker management team averages 15 years with the company, many going over 25 years. Our horticultural and customer service skills are exemplary!






•  Biophilia - The innate relationship that humans share with nature

•  Improves surrounding air quality

•  Utilizes the vertical plane for planting

•  Increases property value

•  Can be eligible for LEED points

•  Reduces noise

•  Improves Aesthetics

•  Increases productivity and health

•  Adds functional space in which to work or relax

•  Branding




Parker is the largest privately owned Interior Landscaping company in the United States. Located on 14 acres with 20 Greenhouses Parker has over 150 highly trained plant personnel, as well as certified Green Wall experts on staff. Parker maintains its own greenhouse complex in New Jersey in order to grow many of its own plants to reduce transportation costs and gain LEED points. Our installation team consists of professional horticultural technicians that have successfully installed and maintained numerous Green walls in all forms of commercial properties.




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